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Digital Storytelling Program – Basic editing finished

I spent most of Sunday in San Francisco helping others to complete a digital media project, the same one i had posted that i’m fundraising for. Mostly, i was helping people use computers – most of the transwomen receiving training in digital storytelling had little experience with internet and no experience with film editing applications. I was surprised how quickly i picked up the basic functions of the editing software – i had taken a course using the same program about 5 years ago, but not used it since.

Towards mid-day, a few people became very vocal and cranky and a loud argument with personal insults took place in the training room. I tried futilely to calm them down and was myself really too tired to put much focus on that situation. Those involved apologized and forgave each other after a break period. I got there at 11:00 am and did not leave until almost 8:00 pm.

One of the rewards of volunteering on that day was being able to see the rough cuts of the various stories. It was positive to witness folks’ experiences, as the arc of all the stories ended on some kind of positive note.

Bridging another Digital divide!

If you have read the Alexis Giraldo story in San Francisco’s Bay Area Reporter or the Bay Area Guardian article last year about extremely high rates of transwomen being incarcerated ( 1 in 3 according to the SF Dept of Public Health), then you have some idea of what transgender people endure in prison…and in leaving prison still retain the memories of cruelties. But very few people are even aware that the vast majority of transgender women go to prison for nonviolent crimes such as drug possession and prostitution. Even fewer people have the opportunity to hear from a transgender former prisoner herself.

To expand society’s views and definitions of “transgender issues” and to push for serious changes in how the so-called criminal justice system impacts transgender women, the Tran/Gender Variant and Intersex Justice Project has initiated a digital media program that provides former prisoners who are transgender people of color the training and

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