At the bottom of the now empty cup, you notice…

近义词. Willcommen. Bienvenidos. You have arrived. Please take a moment – know that you are blessed as you are able to read this inscription.

This place is a nexus of realities, of many worlds. A repository of memory, a sign post of inspiration, a mirror of revelation and of ignorance. Identities, politics, memories collide here. Questions supplied. Answers, too, but not always to the questions .

– the Jester’s Cat


  1. M. Sabnis Said:

    Hi ~
    Congratulations on your new web site! You’ve put a lot of thought, skill & care in it. I like it!
    M. Sabnis

  2. Sharon Hoshida Said:

    Thank you for including me in your blog launch. I’ve just read the piece on TransForming Communities and appreciated your voice. I applaud your willingness and ambition to do something like this. I will check in regularly. I hope you are doing better and better.
    Thank you again, Sharon

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog at I enjoyed taking a look at the links you showed me, and have read a couple of your posts and really enjoy your style of writing.

    Keep up the hard work.

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