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Anime Review: Kanon (2006)

Title: Kanon TV seriesAnd for today’s ceremony…

Director: Tatsuya Ishihara

Japanese release: 2006

U.S. release: n/a (internet fansub only)

Production company: Kyoto Animation, based on visual novel by Key

How does it look?Sooooo cute

Since the 2006 version of Kanon is one of the most blogged about recent TV series, i will try to provide a short description here.  I will write about my reactions to this series in a separate blog.

The setting is a northern town of Japan, which the wisecracking Yuuichi Aizawa has not visited in seven years.  He returns to stay with his aunt and to continue his education as a sophomore at the local high school.  Yuuichi has forgotten everything that happened to him in this town, but the other characters have not.

Quick introduction to the main characters:

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