Prevent eviction of Street Spirit’s editor

On a real serious note, here’s a call out for someone who works tirelessly on poverty issues, fighting anti-homeless laws and also providing education and employment to homeless folks every day.

Link to Freedom Voices website: /streetspirit/

I’m writing to bring some sad news and a request for help for our fellow journalist Terry Messman. As many of you know, Terry Messman is the founding editor of Street Spirit Newspaper, one
of the outstanding examples of street newspapers and progressive journalism in the
country. Terry has dedicated over 20 years to organizing with homeless people in various ways, from occupying and winning housing for shelter to the brilliant advocacy journalism he has practiced in Street Spirit for over a decade. In addition to providing a free speech venue for poverty rights, peace and social justice views that are censored by the mainstream, the paper provides income for scores of homeless people who act as vendors earning honorable income selling papers on the street.

In one of capitalism’s ugly ironies, Terry is now facing possible eviction and homelessness.

Terry was dealt a devastating blow this last February when his wife, and partner in activism for the past 17 years, Ellen Danchik was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor. While Terry and his family are
fortunate to have health insurance through his employment with the American Friends Service Committee, the parent organization of Street Spirit, they are in no way able to replace Ellen’s
income. Ellen has undergone surgery to remove the orange sized tumor from her brain She
has been diagnosed as having a Grade 2 brain tumor which will likely recur. She continues to suffer from severe head pain and she cannot work. Ellen, who has also worked for decades in social services was
most recently a contract employee for Contra Costa County. Because she was a contractor, even though she worked full time for the county for 8 years, the system maintains she is ineligible even
for California State Disability Insurance.

This unfair employment practice is all to prevalent among non-profits and government funded social service providers. Again, in one of our economic system’s not so accidental ironies, those who work to help the victims of this system are given the same sort of respect as welfare recipients, prisoners, the disabled and the homeless, which is to say, not much at all.

The Messman family lived paycheck to paycheck, month to month. While Terry’s family income has been slashed by this tragedy, each month, the landlord, PG&E, AT&T, the auto mechanic, and the
grocery chains still demand to be paid. As a result Terry and his family are now $4000 behind in the rent, have lost their home phone, have a car in need of serious maintenance work and are facing possible

Terry and his family need our support so that they can survive this crisis and continue to serve the community of which they are a part.

Throughout this ordeal Terry has been present at Ellen’s side and remained at home to care for Ellen and for their children. Unbelievably, he has continued to fulfill his commitment to the scores of homeless people who depend for survival on the sale of Street Spirit for their income. Working from home, he has managed to edit, design and layout the entire newspaper and continues to publish Street Spirit each
month since the illness struck.

Our community cannot allow these mainstays in the fight against homelessness to lose their home nor can we afford to lose one of the few widely distributed, uncensored publications with vision and integrity.

In order to respond to this challenge, Freedom Voices, the publishing project of the non-profit Tenderloin Reflection and Education Center has started the Spirit of the Streets emergency
medical relief fund for Terry Messman and Ellen Danchik.

If you can make a donation in support of this worthy cause please send a check to Freedom Voices P.O. Box 423115, San Francisco , CA 94142 . To donate by credit card visit the paypal link we have
set up to collect donations at /streetspirit

The Spirit of the Streets emergency medical relief fund for Terry Messman and Ellen Danchik has received an initial matching fund donation of $500. We hope you can join us in this effort to quickly
double this amount to $1000 and make a difference for a family and for our movement.

Thank you,

Jesse Clarke

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