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Iranian American Woman Artist & “On Orientalism”

Don’t know if i’m able to attend the film screening, but i do plan on seeing Taraneh Hemami’s installation artwork.

Film Screening Curated by Sana Makhoul

Featuring Edward Said: On Orientalism &
Introduction to the End of an Argument

Wednesday June 27, 2007 @ 7pm
$5-$15/sliding scale, general admission

Intersection for the Arts teams up with curator Sana Makhoul to present a film screening featuring two films presented in conjunction with Taraneh Hemami’s Most Wanted, the latest exhibition on view in our gallery .

Edward Said: On Orientalism includes an engaging and lavishly illustrated interview with the late Edward Said, whose book Orientalism has been profoundly influential in a diverse range of disciplines since its publication in 1978. Said talks about the context within which the book was conceived, its main themes, and how its original thesis relates to the contemporary understanding of “the Orient” as represented in the mass media.

Introduction to the End of an Argument features a combination of film, documentary news coverage, and excerpts of “live” footage shot in the West Bank and Gaza strip. This film critiques representations of the Middle East, Arab culture, and the Palestinian people produced by the West.

Hafiz i am not (re-rendering of How does It Feel to be a Heart?)

The Hafiz poem, as translated by Daniel Ladinsky, is at

Once a young woman asked me,

“How does it feel to be a man?”

And i replied,

“I am not sure what you mean.”

Then she said,

“Well, aren’t you a man?”

And this time i replied,

“Am i a man if i wait in line to use the women’s restroom when there is no line to the men’s?

when, on the telephone, people assume that i am a woman?

when, in person, people are often uncertain of what my gender is?”

And the woman responded, “But you are a man.”

At this i replied,

“Is there a contest that one wins

for corralling somebody into a pen?

If you are seeking to know yourself

Do not look to me.

If you are seeking to know me

You do not know how to see.”