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TransForming Communities

I am reminded that one of the reasons i don’t go to many transgender events because i often wind up feeling more lonely when i leave than when i arrive.

“TransForming Communities” at the LGBT Center in San Francisco


TransForming Community explores the friction at the intersection of contemporary trans and queer communities. With a burgeoning transsexual community growing in tandem with a genderqueer movement, what are the issues that arise when non-trans queers share cultural space with transpeople and genderqueers? With distinctly different needs and identities, what needs to be worked out between the transsexual and genderqueer and queer communities?

Of this year’s performers, the one whose speech/poem that got me thinking most was that of Buck Angel, a female-to-male transexual person (transman) who is proudly “a man with a pussy.” A man who states that he doesn’t like being called a “trans-advocate” because he transitioned to become “a man, not a transman” and because he gets more support for who he is and the work he does from gay men than from transgender people or any other queer people.

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